Thursday, April 23, 2009

A moment in time.

Another day; hopefully another dollar! But regardless if the dollars roll in, I am here, running my store with my cup half full of optimism.

Today, I decided not to turn on all the lights. I've decided to work a few more days. I've decided to cut down on buying supplies. I've been working very diligently to fill the spaces that will be coming open at the first of the month. I've cut rent amounts down by a small percentage to help out the vendors who in turn are helping me out by being here in the first place.

I've decided to take a deep breath and roll with the punches.

I've decided to do finish up the art projects I've started around the store. One day an idea came to me and I fretted over it for weeks. I needed to collect letters that would spell out my store's name...Uniques & Antiques. Letters are everywhere...once you start looking you see them. I wanted all sorts of letters...big...small...rusty...crumbly...all different. I eventually found them and when I couldn't find them; I made them. I painted a patch of wall in my front office and finally got the letters up. You really have to see this to appreciate it. The pictures do not do it justice. People look up at certain letters and they want to buy them. I smile to myself when I tell them they are not for sale.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

No doubt about it. Times are tough. Gloom and doom run rampant on the news, the newspapers and from people on the street. I prefer not to dwell on such negativity. I believe negativity breeds negativity. Instead I prefer to keep myself busy and occupied during the day; even if there are no customers. There's always something to do around this big old rambling antique mall.

One day I spent the entire day fixing all the little things that needed to be fixed. I changed all the air filters and hammered down some nails that were peeking out of my old hardwood floorboards. I put up some weather stripping and swept all the floors. I scrubbed the toilets and restocked all the sodas and rock candy. I watered the oleanders planted out back and the roses and wisteria vine planted on the side of the shop.

Then I updated the stores MYSPACE page and took photos of items around the store to list on Craig's List.

At this point I was feeling a bit tired and lost. Not one customer had ventured into my shop in all that time I'd kept myself busy.

I refuse to dwell on the negative. I refuse to be sad or upset when vendors come in and give notice on their spots. I refuse to be unhappy when I count the cash drawer for the day and the total is under $100. I refuse.

I have done everything possible to get customers into the shop and I will relinquish the control over this. I will be happy about my decision to be a business owner and I will keep happy positive thoughts about our uncertain future.

I guess now I'm gonna go hit some garage sales!