Thursday, April 16, 2009

No doubt about it. Times are tough. Gloom and doom run rampant on the news, the newspapers and from people on the street. I prefer not to dwell on such negativity. I believe negativity breeds negativity. Instead I prefer to keep myself busy and occupied during the day; even if there are no customers. There's always something to do around this big old rambling antique mall.

One day I spent the entire day fixing all the little things that needed to be fixed. I changed all the air filters and hammered down some nails that were peeking out of my old hardwood floorboards. I put up some weather stripping and swept all the floors. I scrubbed the toilets and restocked all the sodas and rock candy. I watered the oleanders planted out back and the roses and wisteria vine planted on the side of the shop.

Then I updated the stores MYSPACE page and took photos of items around the store to list on Craig's List.

At this point I was feeling a bit tired and lost. Not one customer had ventured into my shop in all that time I'd kept myself busy.

I refuse to dwell on the negative. I refuse to be sad or upset when vendors come in and give notice on their spots. I refuse to be unhappy when I count the cash drawer for the day and the total is under $100. I refuse.

I have done everything possible to get customers into the shop and I will relinquish the control over this. I will be happy about my decision to be a business owner and I will keep happy positive thoughts about our uncertain future.

I guess now I'm gonna go hit some garage sales!


  1. Hang in there!!! Times are tough all over. Sales are either slow or non existant lately. I had a spurt 2 weeks before tax time and now you can't even pay for customers. I have a booth and used to have one at another antique store and also worked there as well. They are really hurting too-so it is not just you. Keep your fingers crossed and I think we will get out of this slump hopefully sooner than later..Post some pictures of the items you have available and you might be surprised. Since I have started blogging and posting pics of booths and other things-people start reacting and get interested in your goodies. They pass it on and so on...Keep your spirits up!! Love Tiina.....

  2. YOUR ARE NOT ALONE. I too am struggling. Somedays the till has even less in it at closing then it didn't in the morning. More people come in selling then buying.

    The only thing to do is to use the time wisely. Best wishes

  3. Hi,
    I too own a antique store. It was a dream of mine and I have been at it now for 3 years.
    This is a second career for me.
    My store is facing the same problems you are.
    In fact, all 6 antique stores in town are having difficulties.
    We have advertised in Parker's Antique News in your town, but I am going to have to stop that. We each pay for a billboard sign here on the highway. All these expenses and not much income are scary.
    I have stopped buying at auctions. I am saving on utilities where I can.
    Times are hard for everyone. I cannot say I would do it differently if I had known this was coming. I love what I do.
    Keep your chin up and let's pray for better business times to come.